Resources and Information

Got Ya Back Resources

In order to help spread our message, we have created many items that will help do so! Have a look at our posters, leaflets, video. You can help support the Got Ya Back Campaign, by downloading a poster, and displaying it in your school or workplace (Just please make sure you have permission!).


We have commissioned a video to help illustrate the core values of our campaign, we do not want to be that paternalistic figure telling people not to go out or have fun. The complete opposite, go out and socialise, just make sure you have each others back. You can also find our video on our Facebook and Twitter page, in addition to our Youtube account. Don’t forget to like and share!


We show this video when we visit schools and make presentations. You could have it playing in a reception area or on a screen before classes. If you do show the video, we'd love to know!


School Visits


We often make visits to schools, sixth forms and colleges to help spread awareness. Last year we visited many schools within Bath & North East Somerset and spoke to over 2000 students during those visits. The visit is a short presentation no longer than 15 minutes, making it easy to arrange in a PSHE lesson or a tutorial. If you are a teacher or student and would like us to come and visit your school/college then please get in contact with us.  We can visit any educational establishment within B&NES as well as other surrounding areas.


For areas that are further away from the Bath area, you can contact us to see how we can support you.

ICE Contact

An I.C.E (In case of emergency) contact can be invaluable in an emergency situation, it contains emergency contact information to ensure that emergency response teams can contact your family. ICE information can also include medical information such as allergies and any conditions medial staff should be aware of. Nowadays everyone has a mobile device of some kind, so we recommend setting up an ICE contact on your phone. For more information on how to do this read our tutorials.



By displaying our posters, it will help to publicise the core values of our campaign, as many people forget about their safety when they are out and about. We hope to get them up in as many places as possible, if you could help us out that would be great! You can download our posters below.


Coming soon!