In Case Of Emergency Contact – Tutorial

ICE Contact Tutorial

When out and about at any time of the day, its always good to have an In Case Of Emergency contact on your phone or in your wallet. But what is an ICE Contact? Simply an ICE contact allows emergency responders a quick and easy way to find out who to contact. More importantly an ICE contact can contain information about any medical conditions that you may have such as allergies. (If you're into your research, you can read more at Wikipedia) This can be valuable information for emergency services and means they can help you more effectively.


Typically, you'd just enter a contact on your phone called 'ICE'. If you'd like, you can do that. However, most of us now lock our phones making it impossible to get to the contact. Thats where we have #GotYaBack (Yup, we're cheesy like that). Down below, you can choose your phone or device and then find instructions to set up an ICE contact as quickly as possible.


iPhone ICE


Android Robot logo

Other Device

Apple Watch

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