Its time for Launch!

Its time for Launch!

So after around 5 months worth of work, many exciting days (And stressful ones!), we’re finally at the point where we are launching the campaign…


When all of this started I don’t think any of us could have expected it to come to this. When we started we wanted to make a difference, to at least help someone. It was a “college project” but now its something so much bigger. Along the way I myself, along with the rest of the team have spoken to so many people. We’ve heard stories that have been very sad, but also ones of friendship that show the Got Ya Back message can work.


Over the past couple of months we had the soft launch, which was a lot of fun! It showed us that the campaign could do something and the response from the students was really positive. We’ve also visited so many groups and people and they’ve given us so much support.


Got Ya Back Team MembersSuited and Booted Filming

We hope to see you all at the launch! And hope that the next 5 months will be as exciting 🙂



Co Manager