About Got Ya Back

About Got Ya Back

Got Ya Back is a campaign to make students and young people think about how they get home and stay safe when out and about. It's main way of encouraging this is not through avoiding alcohol or not going out having fun but by simply looking out for a friend.

Our Message


Our message is to ensure that people plan their way home from a night out, work, school and college. Its also about friendship and ensuring that you get your friends home too, or to check that they got back home safely. This is what the ‘Got Ya Back’ message is, literally have your friends back! We are not saying “Don’t drink” or “Don’t have a good time” in fact we’re saying the opposite! We all love having fun, its just about doing it safely.

How the campaign was born


Got Ya Back was developed because of the deaths of many young people in the River Avon, Bath. Some of the initial founders were close to Sam Amin, who died in 2014. We all wanted something positive to come from these deaths.


Bath College was approached by Bath and North East Somerset Council to ask IT students to compose ideas about how to improve young peoples safety within Bath. To their surprise we had constructed this campaign. It is designed to ensure people look out for their friends on a night out, and to have each others back. Additionally we want people to consider looking out for strangers, as at times we may be on our own and vulnerable. So we need to have each others back.

How do we spread the Got Ya Back message?

  • Support from Pubs and Clubs
  • Support from Taxi Firms
  • Visits and presentations to schools, sixth forms and colleges
  • All new students to Bath Spa and Bath University will receive information
  • Ongoing campaign work on social media and in and around Bath